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Every year around Valentine’s Day, women get together for their annual Galentine’s parties. Galentine’s Day is an actual holiday on February 13th, and I’m pretty sure it originated from Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec (at least that’s where it originated for us). Either way, it turned February into a month of girls’ nights and galentine’s celebrations, where ladies give each other gifts and eat treats.

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One popular galentine’s day theme is a “favorite things” party. This is where you bring one of your favorites for an allotted amount of money and exchange with a friend.

So obviously, as we were getting ready for our favorite things parties this season, we turned to shopping small and local. We came up with an amazing list in a wide range of values for you to shop small and local as well!

One of the benefits of shopping local is that you are very unlikely to come with the same Target favorite thing as anyone else. You are also helping out a fellow mom / woman. Lastly, you will probably have the cutest, most unique thing at the party and probably the most coveted.

So check out our list, and support local this Galentine’s Day!


Cozy’s blankets are by far the softest, cutest blankets in the valley. I know it might seem weird to bring a blanket to a party, but I promise everyone will want it. You’ll want one for yourself as well. I have one for my couch, my bed, my kids’ beds and in my car.

You can get a large blanket for only $48

Love Ya Loads Studio

Home decor is always a hit at Favorite Things parties and wood beaded garlands are all the rage right now. It would make for the perfect galentine’s gift! Check out the Etsy shop at Love Ya Loads Studio. They make beaded garlands, macrame wall hangings and so much more!

You can get a cute wall hanging or garland for $28

Mulberry House

Speaking of home decor, the wood working from Mulberry House is amazing! We are in love with their wooden signs and they would make an amazing addition to any farm house style. My favorite is their wooden engraved saguaro cactus sign in their Etsy shop.

You can get that for $55

The Desert Kiwi

T-shirts are kind of tricky for favorite things parties, but a shop credit would be perfect. These shirts are so adorable and any woman would be so excited to get one. We have brought a large or medium shirt to parties and been totally fine and people have loved them!

This cute cactus hearts one goes for about $25

Rosie Luv Apparel

Speaking of shirts, Rosie Luv has the cutest, most comfortable t-shirts and sweaters and they are always supporting good causes with their business. 

Grab an Arizona tee for just $15

Tangle & Tease Co.

Nothing gives a hairstyle more personality than a cute hair accessory! Tangle and Tease has the most beautiful, in-style hair clips and scrunchies. Put a cute scrunchie around a Chick-Fil-A gift card and it’ll be the best gift at the party!

You can get most of their accessories for $5-15

Tani Ties

Tani Ties also has cute hair accessories, but their hair accessory box is what we love! It keeps not only your hair accessories in one place, but there is also a place for a brush and spray bottle. It’d be perfect for any girl mom on the go! (Which is all of us girl moms!)

You can get the hair box fully loaded for $50

Honey Oh Darling

If you want to instantly dress up any outfit, add statement earrings. These handmade clay polymer earrings are not only great quality, but super unique and beautiful. I own a couple of pairs and I forget that I have dangly earrings because they are so lightweight. The cactus hoops are my personal favorite. Every AZ girl needs a pair!

You can get the cactus mini hoops for $25

Lima Hana Studio

You might be thinking, “why am I getting a grown woman a puzzle?” Lima Hana makes more than just puzzles. They make home decor in the form of puzzles. If you have a coffee table, you need one to display on there. They make for the most gorgeous addition to any home and they should be displayed in homes even without children. Their Tic Tac Toe Arizona piece sits proudly on my coffee table and is the most asked about thing in my home.

You can get the AZ Tic Tac Toe for $20

Ava Soaps

Every woman likes to smell good and make sure their home smells good. These soaps and potpourri mixes are heavenly. They’re made with clean ingredients so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals on your body or in your home. These would be so cute in a guest bathroom because they’re gorgeous soaps. Pair it with a cute Trader Joe’s goodie for the perfect favorite things gift.

You can grab most soaps for $8-10

Desert Strandz

Beaded bracelet stacks are my favorite trend right now. They’re simple, elegant and you can express yourself without even trying. These handmade, customizable bracelet stacks are gorgeous and simple and give any outfit an instant boost.

You can grab a starter stack for $25

Jaxn BLVD 

Wooden signs are cute in any home, in any style, but Jaxn Blvd does something different. They make these adorable wooden holders for things like utensils, toothbrushes, art supplies and our personal favorite, candles. These wooden containers are well-made and stained beautifully. 

You can grab a wood candle holder for $65

Made It Ate It Loved It

Cooking is something every woman in the world does at some point. A good recipe book is priceless. We’ve been making Scarlett’s recipes for a while now and we absolutely love her cookbook. Plus, it’s gorgeous! We have it on display all the time in our kitchen and we know any woman would love to have it.

You can grab the Making Messes With Scarlett Cookbook for $40

Prickly Pear Lane

Maybe we’re the only ones obsessed with saguaro cacti, but if you’re from AZ, you better embrace them. They’re what makes us unique! We love how local shops make them look cute and the unique take they have on them. One in particular is this gorgeous throw pillow from Prickly Pear Lane. How cute would this be in a living room? I have one on display in my piano room and it makes me happy every time I see it.

You can grab this cute cactus pillow for $48

Creme & Chocolats

One of our favorite treat places is Creme & Chocolats. But one thing we love about it, is they make for the cutest gifts. They package up their crepe mix and fondue chocolate in the cutest containers. Give your girlfriends a chocolate fondue and a gift card to grab some crepes or delicious ice cream. 

You can grab a fondue container for only $8

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