Local Christmas Gift Guide from AZ Mom Squad

We’ve hand selected some of our favorite local products and put together this year’s local Christmas gift guide! Click the links below each photo to shop, and be sure to check for coupon codes below some of the photos! Thank you so much for joining us in our efforts to support local and help the community thrive.

Local Gift Guide for Moms

local christmas gift guide silicone rings
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Silicone Rings

local christmas gift guide house plants
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House Plant
Desert Lily Flowers

local christmas gift guide dresses
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wide brim hat
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Local Gift Guide for Dads

Local Gift Guide for Babies

Local Gift Guide for Kids

Local Gift Guide for Teens

Local Gift Guide for Families

Local Gift Guide for Friends

Local Gift Guide for Neighbors

Local Gift Guide for Teachers & Colleagues

We hope you enjoyed our local Christmas gift guide this year! We appreciate you helping us support local businesses and shopping local this year.

If you love to shop local, be sure to check out more of our favorite local shops on our “Favorite Things” local guide here!

Events Recommendations

AZ Small Business Market

Come shop local with us!

local boutique information flyer

Come out to Westwood High School on Saturday, August 7th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm to shop over 50 local vendors. Check out our amazing list of vendors below, plus all the information you need for the market!

Our last market had over 2,000 people attend to support local businesses, and we’re so grateful for the incredible turnout we received.

We hope we can bring even more people this time as we continue to share some of our favorite local businesses with the community!

We hope to see you there!

Vendor List




Market Map & Layout

local boutique map of Westwood High School gymnasium
Market Layout @ Westwood Gymnasium
local boutique vendor list
Market Vendor Booth Assignments

Frequently Asked Questions

How will childcare work?

There will be signs at the market to direct you to the childcare entrance. Childcare will be supervised by several of the cheerleaders as well as 1-2 cheer coaches at all times. Children can be dropped off in the attached small gym for a maximum of 2 hours (time may be extended if space is available) while you shop.

Each child and parent will receive a matching wristband with your phone number, the child’s name, and the drop off time. Only the parent wearing the wristband may pick up the child.

There will be snacks and drinks available for the children, as well as plenty of space for getting their energy out, watching movies, and more. They will be well taken care of while you enjoy some time to shop in peace!

How many vendors will there be?

We have a total of 57 vendors inside, as well as 3 food trucks outside. There will be things to buy for everyone in the family!

How does checkout work?

A lot of markets have a centralized checkout at the end of all of the booths. Please note that you will be checking out at each individual booth for this market, so don’t walk away from a booth without paying the owner for the product!

Can I bring my stroller?

Yes! While we do have childcare available, we also welcome children to come shop with you. Our aisles will be large enough for your to bring your stroller if necessary.

Are dogs allowed?

Due to Mesa Public Schools policy, no pets will be allowed inside the gymnasium. Thank you for understanding!

How can I become a vendor at future markets?

If you are interested in participating in future markets, please fill out the form on this page to be added to our list of vendors. We would love to work with you in the future!

Westwood High School Map

Aerial map of Westwood High School for AZ Mom Squad local boutique
Westwood High School Aerial Map

We’re so excited to support so many local vendors with you! Be sure to come say hi if you see us shopping around the market. We love meeting you!

Family Fun Recommendations Things To Do

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix

We recently had the opportunity to visit the Musical Instrument Museum® (“MIM”)  in Phoenix, and our kids cannot stop talking about it! With a variety of galleries, special exhibits, and an incredible museum store, MIM has something for people of all ages!

If you aren’t quite ready to head to the museum in person, they also offer a wide variety of virtual events that you can participate in from home. Keep reading to learn all about their incredibly fun Online Musical Adventures classes for children!

Getting Started at the Musical Instrument Museum

Once you arrive at MIM and check in at the front desk, they’ll provide each person with their own headset. These headsets are used in various galleries throughout the museum, and act as your “guide” for each section. As you stand in front of specific displays, the headphones automatically play whatever sound goes with that display. They even had kids sizes, and our children loved walking around with their very own headset!

With so many galleries and exhibits offered at MIM, it’s helpful to have an idea of what to expect in each of them prior to visiting. Here’s a virtual map of the museum layout for your reference. Now, let’s go over the various galleries and exhibits!

Exhibits and Galleries

Here’s a list of exhibits and galleries you can visit at MIM. We’ll be covering each of the exhibits in more detail below!

  • Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa
  • Geographic Galleries Including:
    • Africa and Middle East Gallery
    • Asia and Oceania Gallery
    • Europe Gallery
    • Latin America Gallery
    • United States / Canada Gallery
  • Artist Gallery
  • Experience Gallery
  • Mechanical Music Gallery
  • Collier STEM Gallery
  • Conservation Lab

Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa

As you start your self-guided tour of the museum, you’ll come to one of their special exhibits. These exhibits are temporary additions to the museum, and feature masterpieces from all over the world! Currently they are hosting  “Congo Masks and Music: Masterpieces from Central Africa”. This exhibit will run through September 2021, and features lively traditions from all over Central Africa. Walk through the exhibit to learn about the masks, instruments, and costumes that make up some of the traditions of Central Africa.

Geographic Galleries

Speaking of visiting other countries, the Geographic Galleries give guests an opportunity to travel the entire world through music! These galleries include instruments and artifacts from around the world. Galleries include the Africa and Middle East Gallery, Asia and Oceania Gallery, Europe Gallery, Latin America Gallery, and the United States / Canada Gallery.

Artist Gallery

For music lovers of all ages, the Artist Gallery celebrates the most influential artists and musicians from around the world. Featuring dozens of artists and instruments, this gallery gives you a chance to hear from some of the greatest musical icons including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and more. As you stand in front of each artist’s display, you’ll be able to learn more about the artist and even hear them play their instruments all through your personal headsets. 

Experience Gallery

Another gallery that is sure to be a hit with the children is the Experience Gallery. Here, you get to experience a variety of instruments from around the world firsthand. Kids can explore the gallery as they discover their inner musician, playing instruments like a harp, a theremin, a gong, and more! This hands on gallery is fun for guests of all ages.

Mechanical Music Gallery

The Mechanical Music Gallery features a wide variety of mechanical instruments that play themselves. All of our kids were fascinated by the displays of self-playing instruments throughout this gallery. Perhaps the most intriguing instrument was the Orchestrion. This self-playing instrument is the largest instrument in the Museum. Standing at just over 25 feet long and almost 10 feet tall, the “Apollonia” Orchestrion can be heard live daily at 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM in the Mechanical Music Gallery. 

Collier STEM Gallery

Diving deeper into the science and technology of music, the Collier STEM Gallery explores how science brings music to life. In this gallery, guests of all ages will be able to learn more about how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics play a key role in music appreciation and education. Learning about how humans experience music and how an instrument produces certain sounds through interactive technology displays is captivating for the whole family!

Conservation Lab

With so many instruments and artifacts to care for, MIM’s Conservation Lab gives guests an inside look at how these items are preserved for generations and generations. Conservation is such an important part of making MIM what it is today! Instruments go through a very distinct process of cleaning, restoration, repair, and documentation as they are housed at MIM. The Conservation Lab allows us all to enjoy musical instruments and artifacts from around the world here in Phoenix!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I bring?

MIM does not allow backpacks, food, or beverages in the galleries, so plan accordingly. You may check your backpack at the front desk during your visit if you need to. Cameras are allowed, and we definitely recommend some comfortable shoes because you’ll be on your feet quite a bit!

One of the nicest things about bringing kids to MIM is that they offer stroller rentals for free! So no need to pack up your stroller for those young ones. Simply request a stroller from the front desk and enjoy your visit!

Does MIM offer discounted tickets?

The only discounts offered at MIM are for members. Being a member provides you with free admission to the museum for the entire year, along with several other benefits.

How much time should I plan for visiting the museum?

While you could easily spend all day at MIM and never run out of things to explore, a good estimate is about 3 hours long for your visit. If you’ve got young kids, then be sure to let them get their wiggles out playing instruments at the Experience Gallery!

Will my kids enjoy MIM?

Between the two of us, we have three children under the age of six. I was initially a little bit nervous about bringing my three year old to MIM, because museums don’t usually capture her interest enough to keep her entertained for very long. However, we spent about three hours at MIM and my toddler was still going strong when we left! There’s just so much to look at, so much to do, and so many different galleries to visit. She was fascinated by the different videos throughout the Artist Gallery, and absolutely loved playing the instruments in the Experience Gallery. Kids of all ages will absolutely enjoy visiting MIM!

What types of items will I find in the Museum Store?

The Museum Store is filled with items that will interest music lovers of all ages! Available for in person and online shopping, the Museum Store offers books & journals, apparel, instruments, puzzles & games, kids items, music gifts & technology, stationery, jewelry, ornaments, miniature instruments, magnets, gift cards and so much more! Our kids spent a great deal of time exploring all that the museum store has to offer. Be sure to stop by the store during your visit, or shop online here anytime!

The Museum Store can be contacted at 480.478.6002 or via email at

Musical Instrument Museum Circle of Friends Memberships

MIM offers a variety of options for those who want the exclusive benefits of being a member

With membership donation options starting at very little, there’s something that fits everyone’s budget!

The family membership gives incredible benefits and discounts for only $119/year or $9.90/month.

Benefits of the 1-year family membership include:

  • Unlimited museum admission for 2
  • Free admission for your accompanied children 19 years & under
  • 10% discount at the Museum Store
  • Subscription to Quarter Notes, MIM’s quarterly publication
  • Recognition at MIM and on
  • Free admission to MIM Musical Interludes concerts

Check out their various membership options and other ways you can support the museum here. You’re sure to find something that fits your family’s budget!

Musical Adventures Class

MIM now offers online Musical Adventures classes for kids ages 6-10 years. 

Musical Adventures is an educational program designed for children to actively participate in music making, crafting musical instruments, and virtually exploring MIM’s exhibits with designated tour guides. 

Each registered child is given an instrument-building kit, which can either be mailed or picked up at MIM prior to the class date. These Zoom classes are incredibly engaging and entertaining for everyone involved! 

2 of our kids participated in the most recent Musical Adventures class, and they can’t stop talking about the fun they had!

They learned about an instrument called the “Silly Stick”, and they were provided with all the materials needed to make their own. There were countless laughs and smiles as they learned about the different sounds these instruments can make! 

Even though the class was virtual, the teacher did a fantastic job at keeping their attention with various visuals, videos, songs, and much more. 

Musical Adventures classes take place on the second Saturday of every month from 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM, and cost only $15 per student. The $15 registration fee covers your child’s instrument-building kit, which includes everything they’ll need to build their instrument with the class. 

We cannot recommend these classes enough! The next Musical Adventures class will be held April 10th, and can be registered for here.

Important Information About The Musical Instrument Museum

Location & Parking

4725 E Mayo Blvd

Phoenix, AZ 85050

Parking is free

Hours of Operation

MIM is open daily from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Timed entry tickets will continue through April 30, 2021. We recommend purchasing your tickets in advance to reserve your entry. You can purchase timed entry tickets online HERE or at the guest service desk in the museum lobby.

The Museum Store is open daily in person and online

Cafe Allegro is temporarily closed, but grab-and-go refreshments are available for purchase during regular museum hours.


1 Day Pass

Members: Free

General Admission: $20

Teens (13-19): $15

Children (4-12): $10

Children (3 and under): Free

2 Day Pass

2 day passes are available for purchase at the Guest Service desk.

Special Exhibition Admission

General (w/ Museum Admission): $7

General (without Museum Admission): $10

Children/Teens (4-19): $4

Children (3 and under): Free


Favorite Things Local Gift Ideas

Every year around Valentine’s Day, women get together for their annual Galentine’s parties. Galentine’s Day is an actual holiday on February 13th, and I’m pretty sure it originated from Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec (at least that’s where it originated for us). Either way, it turned February into a month of girls’ nights and galentine’s celebrations, where ladies give each other gifts and eat treats.

bouquet of pink roses
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

One popular galentine’s day theme is a “favorite things” party. This is where you bring one of your favorites for an allotted amount of money and exchange with a friend.

So obviously, as we were getting ready for our favorite things parties this season, we turned to shopping small and local. We came up with an amazing list in a wide range of values for you to shop small and local as well!

One of the benefits of shopping local is that you are very unlikely to come with the same Target favorite thing as anyone else. You are also helping out a fellow mom / woman. Lastly, you will probably have the cutest, most unique thing at the party and probably the most coveted.

So check out our list, and support local this Galentine’s Day!


Cozy’s blankets are by far the softest, cutest blankets in the valley. I know it might seem weird to bring a blanket to a party, but I promise everyone will want it. You’ll want one for yourself as well. I have one for my couch, my bed, my kids’ beds and in my car.

You can get a large blanket for only $48

Love Ya Loads Studio

Home decor is always a hit at Favorite Things parties and wood beaded garlands are all the rage right now. It would make for the perfect galentine’s gift! Check out the Etsy shop at Love Ya Loads Studio. They make beaded garlands, macrame wall hangings and so much more!

You can get a cute wall hanging or garland for $28

Mulberry House

Speaking of home decor, the wood working from Mulberry House is amazing! We are in love with their wooden signs and they would make an amazing addition to any farm house style. My favorite is their wooden engraved saguaro cactus sign in their Etsy shop.

You can get that for $55

The Desert Kiwi

T-shirts are kind of tricky for favorite things parties, but a shop credit would be perfect. These shirts are so adorable and any woman would be so excited to get one. We have brought a large or medium shirt to parties and been totally fine and people have loved them!

This cute cactus hearts one goes for about $25

Rosie Luv Apparel

Speaking of shirts, Rosie Luv has the cutest, most comfortable t-shirts and sweaters and they are always supporting good causes with their business. 

Grab an Arizona tee for just $15

Tangle & Tease Co.

Nothing gives a hairstyle more personality than a cute hair accessory! Tangle and Tease has the most beautiful, in-style hair clips and scrunchies. Put a cute scrunchie around a Chick-Fil-A gift card and it’ll be the best gift at the party!

You can get most of their accessories for $5-15

Tani Ties

Tani Ties also has cute hair accessories, but their hair accessory box is what we love! It keeps not only your hair accessories in one place, but there is also a place for a brush and spray bottle. It’d be perfect for any girl mom on the go! (Which is all of us girl moms!)

You can get the hair box fully loaded for $50

Honey Oh Darling

If you want to instantly dress up any outfit, add statement earrings. These handmade clay polymer earrings are not only great quality, but super unique and beautiful. I own a couple of pairs and I forget that I have dangly earrings because they are so lightweight. The cactus hoops are my personal favorite. Every AZ girl needs a pair!

You can get the cactus mini hoops for $25

Lima Hana Studio

You might be thinking, “why am I getting a grown woman a puzzle?” Lima Hana makes more than just puzzles. They make home decor in the form of puzzles. If you have a coffee table, you need one to display on there. They make for the most gorgeous addition to any home and they should be displayed in homes even without children. Their Tic Tac Toe Arizona piece sits proudly on my coffee table and is the most asked about thing in my home.

You can get the AZ Tic Tac Toe for $20

Ava Soaps

Every woman likes to smell good and make sure their home smells good. These soaps and potpourri mixes are heavenly. They’re made with clean ingredients so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals on your body or in your home. These would be so cute in a guest bathroom because they’re gorgeous soaps. Pair it with a cute Trader Joe’s goodie for the perfect favorite things gift.

You can grab most soaps for $8-10

Desert Strandz

Beaded bracelet stacks are my favorite trend right now. They’re simple, elegant and you can express yourself without even trying. These handmade, customizable bracelet stacks are gorgeous and simple and give any outfit an instant boost.

You can grab a starter stack for $25

Jaxn BLVD 

Wooden signs are cute in any home, in any style, but Jaxn Blvd does something different. They make these adorable wooden holders for things like utensils, toothbrushes, art supplies and our personal favorite, candles. These wooden containers are well-made and stained beautifully. 

You can grab a wood candle holder for $65

Made It Ate It Loved It

Cooking is something every woman in the world does at some point. A good recipe book is priceless. We’ve been making Scarlett’s recipes for a while now and we absolutely love her cookbook. Plus, it’s gorgeous! We have it on display all the time in our kitchen and we know any woman would love to have it.

You can grab the Making Messes With Scarlett Cookbook for $40

Prickly Pear Lane

Maybe we’re the only ones obsessed with saguaro cacti, but if you’re from AZ, you better embrace them. They’re what makes us unique! We love how local shops make them look cute and the unique take they have on them. One in particular is this gorgeous throw pillow from Prickly Pear Lane. How cute would this be in a living room? I have one on display in my piano room and it makes me happy every time I see it.

You can grab this cute cactus pillow for $48

Creme & Chocolats

One of our favorite treat places is Creme & Chocolats. But one thing we love about it, is they make for the cutest gifts. They package up their crepe mix and fondue chocolate in the cutest containers. Give your girlfriends a chocolate fondue and a gift card to grab some crepes or delicious ice cream. 

You can grab a fondue container for only $8

Events Family Fun Recommendations Things To Do

Gift Experiences in Arizona

No toys please! We have a better idea!

Gift giving can be stressful and superficial. It’s difficult to find the perfect toy or item for birthdays and Christmas. Take the stress out of gift giving and give people what they really want – time and memories!

We’ve made it our goal to give experiences more than tangible gifts and we’ve received amazing feedback! We try to give our children an experience each year for their birthday or Christmas.

One year we gifted them a zoo pass. We went to the Phoenix Zoo nearly 50 times that year and they still ask to go almost every day.

Another year we gave them Disney On Ice tickets. They got to go with their grandparents and have not stopped talking about it since.

Myself and my two children all have April birthdays so one year we gifted Disneyland tickets and went to celebrate all three birthdays. That was an experience they will not soon forget.

I have always given my husband experiences. Some of them included snowboarding tickets, racecar driving experiences, paintball sessions, axe throwing, escape rooms, hotel stays, golf trips, etc. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any time our parents ask what to get the kids, we always ask them for experiences. We want them to spend time with the kids. That’s the greatest gift you can give someone – your time and attention.

Every year we give our parents experiences to do with each other or with our kids – zoo lights, concerts, musicals, Disney On Ice tickets, etc.

We have compiled a list of experiences in Arizona that you can gift for your children, spouse, parents, friends, siblings, etc. Experiences are priceless and we are excited to share some of our favorite expe riences in Arizona!

  • Top Golf – Gilbert
  • 1689 S. Santan Village Pkwy,
  • Gilbert, AZ 85295
  • 10am-11pm
  • $47/hr per bay (6 people per bay)
  • Phoenix Zoo Pass
  • 455 North Galvin Parkway
    Phoenix, AZ 85008
  • 9am – 3pm (during zoo lights)
  • Annual memberships as low as $69

  • POGO Pass
  • Annual pass includes hundreds of FREE entries to the best entertainment spots in Arizona
  • Use code AZMOMSQUAD to get the pass for only $39.98!

Rooms for 8 people cost about $100

Great for group or family gifts!

Movie tickets are always great stocking stuffers!

AMC – Stapley has completely remodeled their theaters so if you haven’t been recently, you’ve gotta check it out!

Dine-in available!

Cooking classes for kids

Gift card and family fun passes available

Workshops and parties available for adults and children

Ride along starting at $69

Flights as low as $60!

A great gift for the hubby!

$125/hour for private coaching

On sale for $145/person as of Dec 2020

9 am – 8 pm

$120 for private lessons

$23/person or annual passes starting at $36

9 am – 4 pm

$15/child, $25/adult

$23/person or annual passes starting at $36

  • Build-A-Bear
  • 2180 E Williams Field Road
  • Gilbert, Arizona 85295

Costco regularly sells discounted gift cards

This is the gift that keeps on giving! Even if they already have a bear, they can go pick out countless outfits and accessories.

We will continue to add to this list as we discover more of our favorite experiences and activities throughout Arizona!

Make sure to check places like Groupon for discounts and deals before you purchase!

We hope you enjoy a season full of experiences and memories!

Events Recommendations Things To Do

Boutiques in Phoenix

It’s that time of year when local shops come together in hundreds of boutiques around the Phoenix Valley. We absolutely LOVE holiday boutique shopping so we decided to compile a list of our favorite markets and boutiques to make it easy for you to plan and shop in Phoenix!

We’ve included all of the Instagram handles for each Arizona boutique, so be sure to check their Instagram page for the most up to date information!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you want to stay in the loop with local events and activities.

Click the images below for more information on each boutique.

Berry Merry Christmas Boutique
November 9th-14th
1501 E Woolford Rd
Show Low, AZ  85901
Highland Yard Vintage Market
November11-15; 18-22; 27; 28
1509 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225
Kandy Kane Castle Holiday Boutique
November 12-14
2159 E Riverdale
Mesa, AZ 85213
Wildflower Beauty Bar Holiday Event
November 14
861 N Higley Road, Gilbert, AZ
Gilbert Backyard Boutique
November 14
Online Only this year
Mesa Bazaar Artisan Market
November 21
Main & McDonald – Downtown Mesa
So Sassy Holiday Boutique
December 10-12
3891 E Latham Way, Gilbert, AZ 85297
Pinners Conference AZ
November 13-14
Westworld of Scottsdale

Sugarplums Holiday Market
November 12-14
2851 E Morrison Ranch, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Holiday Sip & Shop
Every Fri-Sun, November 13 – December 20 2180 E Williams Field, Gilbert, AZ 85295
Holiday Bliss Boutique
November 21
4546 E Haven Crest Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85297
Boutique at Eastmark
November 14
5100 S Eastmark Parkway, Mesa, AZ 85212
Vintage Charm Holiday Boutique
November 19-21
2600 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204
Peppermint Lane Holiday Boutique
December 3-5
2668 E Pegasus St, Gilbert, AZ
Backyard Christmas Boutique
December 13-14
1105 E Sorenson, Mesa, AZ

Family Fun Recommendations Recreation Things To Do

Uptown Jungle Mesa

Looking for a fun, inexpensive way to get your kids’ wiggles out? Head to Uptown Jungle Fun Park!

Previously known as Urban Jungle Mesa, Uptown Jungle in North Mesa is open and thriving! They are an indoor fun park for the entire family!

We know there are several trampoline parks in the valley, but Uptown Jungle (UTJ) is not your average trampoline park. It is an adventure park with countless activities for kids of all ages! There’s countless reasons we love Uptown Jungle (UTJ) in Mesa, but we’ll name a few below.

Reasons We Love Uptown Jungle

We love how inexpensive UTJ is! You can jump for only $11 per hour and $15 for two hours. Save even MORE money by using your Pogo Pass! Learn more about the Pogo Pass here.

Or, if you really want to get a deal, check out UTJ’s awesome membership plans and become a part of the UTJ family!

They have an enclosed toddler area! Our littles love the trampolines, but when there are too many big kids, it’s easy to get hurt. We love that UTJ has an enclosed toddler area with soft, safe spaces for kids 5 and under.

They have a full snack bar available! Part of our experience is the kids get to pick a snack out after our jump time is up. That’s one of their favorite parts!

There is only one entrance/exit! That sounds like a weird thing to love, but when your children are running around like crazy, it’s very stressful to have to watch two exits to make sure they don’t escape or get taken.

There are separate spaces for everything! There is an enclosed trampoline park, an enclosed basketball trampoline area, an enclosed toddler space, an enclosed rock wall, and an obstacle course that does not connect to any of those. We love that because it’s safer, but also because kids get bored with something so when they go to a new section it’s almost as if they’ve gone to a new park!

The waivers are all online! Not only is that better for health reasons, but it saves time when you get there. The lines have never been longer than 5 minutes because everyone had their waivers already done!

You can wear any grip socks. It does not have to be their specific socks. But if you do need socks there, it’s only $2.75 a pair!

Their facility is super clean. I’ve never gone in there and left feeling gross. Some trampoline parks are sticky and you can just tell it’s germy. Not UTJ. Their facility is very clean and well kept.

They have a parent’s lounge! It’s not something we have been able to enjoy yet because our kids are young and still need supervision, but we are definitely looking forward to the days when our kids are old enough to hold their own and we can sit and relax in the lounge. Our husbands definitely enjoy watching sports in there.



The kids have a blast filling up the giant scoop with balls and having them get dumped right on them! Kids playing on the upper level can also play along by using the air-powered blasters on each side.


Let your kids complete their own version of “American Ninja Warrior” as they climb on various levels of towers and rock walls, all while safely strapped into a harness.


The fun never ends with hundreds of square feet of ladders, slides, bars, tunnels, and more.


With several different slides throughout the park, your child is sure to find one they want to ride over and over again. Heck, you may even find yourself wanting to take a few turns!


If your kid loves climbing, then they may spend a lot of time going up and down this spider tower. We especially love it because it provides a “safety net” in case of falling, which is sometimes just as much fun for the kids on this attraction!


What would a fun park be without endless trampolines? UTJ features trampolines for all ages. With 2 trampolines in the enclosed toddler area, and dozens of trampolines around the park, everyone is sure to find plenty of space for their jump tricks! There’s a dodgeball arena covered in trampolines, as well as a dunk section and freestyle jump section.


Our kids tired themselves out just making their way through the obstacle courses! There’s an inflatable obstacle course that is super fun for the kids to run through, as well as a built-in obstacle course in the mega play structure.


We love this area because it makes our kids feel like they’re not missing out on anything. There is a tiny obstacle course, slides, all the things to jump off of and climb on, and a tiny enclosed trampoline area just for toddlers. Sometimes when things get a little crowded and bigger kids don’t really pay attention to the little ones, Scotti and Beckham enjoy the toddler area and get a lot more space to themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Uptown Jungle charges a flat admission fee to access ALL the park attractions listed above. Below are the various prices. NOTE: Parents get in free if they are not jumping, or for ½ price if they want to jump. If you need to purchase Grip Socks, they’re only $2.75 + Tax per pair.

  • 60 Minutes
    • Monday – Friday – $11
    • Saturday – Sunday & Holidays – $14
  • 90 Minutes
    • Monday – Friday – $13
    • Saturday – Sunday & Holidays – $17
  • 120 Minutes
    • Monday – Friday – $15
    • Saturday – Sunday & Holidays – $20

What do I need to bring?

If you have grip socks, you can bring your own or purchase a pair at the front desk. It’s always a good idea to bring water, as you and your kids are sure to be thirsty after all the fun! They also have snacks and drinks for purchase.

Do I have to purchase jump socks?

You can use grip socks from ANY jump park when visiting Uptown Jungle! If you don’t have any or forgot yours at home, you can purchase them at the front desk for only $2.75 a pair.

Do they offer discounted tickets?

Follow Uptown Jungle on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with their latest offers. They always have specials going on, so keep an eye out! 

If your family loves to frequent Uptown Jungle like we do, then purchasing a membership pass may be the best option for you! Ranging from $30/month to $70/month, there’s options for the whole family.

If you want to really save some money, be sure to get a Pogo Pass and get 2 FREE admissions to Uptown Jungle. You can’t beat that!

Pin for later

Family Fun Recommendations Things To Do

Creme & Chocolats Review

Our love language is TREATS!! 

With everything that has gone on this year, it’s so nice to know that our favorite treat places are still open and thriving. One in particular, Creme & Chocolats!

Creme & Chocolats is located in the heart of Mesa, just down the street from where we grew up. We have been enjoying the shops and treats in Dana Park for decades and it’s the perfect place for the yummy “crepe place” to call home.

We take our kids out to treats frequently, but some treat places are so confined and small that it’s hard with little kids. Not C & C! They have a beautiful, large patio where the kids can run around and drip their ice cream on concrete without any concerns.

The ambiance is perfect. It takes you out of hot, dusty AZ for a bit and brings you into a beautiful French Café. The décor, the food and even the owners, The Godin’s and their gorgeous accents, all add to the French atmosphere.

Meet the owners

Bonjour, we are the Godin’s, a french family of five from Quebec Canada. Being parents of 3 boys and married for more than 10 years, we always strive to find new places to go on date nights or to take the kids out for family time.  We came to Arizona with the dream to share our favorite treat for anyone who seeks a great product, and a unique french experience. Everything we created at Creme & Chocolats is focused on providing a place for friends and family to come together to enjoy a special treat, create memories, and share a chocolate moment together. 

Treat Options

We have enjoyed almost their entire menu because it’s one of our favorite places to visit.

Our kids love the ice cream cones! They offer 10 different soft (and I mean SOFT) ice cream flavors that are beautifully swirled with delicious flavoring. Then you can top it off with sprinkles (Peyton’s favorite) or  your choice of premium chocolate options. The thick chocolate over the ice cream is the perfect summer treat.

For a quick on-the-go treat, Megan loves the Butter Pecan MilkShake. It’s the creamiest, most flavorful shake I’ve ever had, topped off with loads of whipped cream. (Excuse me while I wipe off my drool).

We went there for lunch this past week and were blown away by their options of savory crepes. You haven’t had a wrap yet until you’ve tried it in crepe form. They take their delicious dessert crepe and fill it with 4 different savory options. Megan’s husband recommends the Southwest with BBQ chicken while Ashlyn enjoys the Parisienne with eggs, ham and cheese (just don’t ask her to pronounce it correctly 😂).

Their raspberry lemonade is so refreshing, but they also offer lemonades in 7 different flavors. I can’t imagine choosing a favorite, but I’ll be trying them all for sure, because the raspberry one was to die for!

 One of our favorite family options is the fondue! They let you select two of their chocolates and offer a large variety of dippers including pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries and bananas. They also offer all of their food to go, so it’d make for the cutest date night picnic!

 They also offer dipped  ice cream sandwiches, French Macaroons, Sorbet, hot chocolate – the absolute creamiest we’ve ever had. We drink the hot chocolate by the gallons around Christmas time!

But… the real reason we go to Creme & Chocolats is… THE CREPES! We don’t know if it’s the batter, the chocolate, the fresh fruit, or the ice cream on the side, but the dessert crepes are our absolute favorite treat in Mesa! Megan will suggest crepes on date night without fail. Their combination of crepe, chocolate, fruit and ice cream makes for the most perfect dessert you could want.

Tip: if it’s your first time, get the milk hazelnut chocolate crepe and add a side of black cherry ice cream. You will not be disappointed.


Did you know they offer catering? I’m seriously so sad they weren’t around for our wedding dinners because it would have been a no brainer, but now I’m planning ahead for all of the future parties we could have catered with their delicious crepes!

Baby showers, wedding showers, receptions, work parties, random girl’s night out?? Don’t be surprised if Ashlyn and Megan throw a random party for no reason and have it catered by C&C. You’ll definitely want to be there!


We both give treat gifts to our adult friends and family for birthdays. C&C offers the cutest gift options!

You can send someone a box of delicious macaroons (also offered in themed flavors and colors).

We frequently send our friends their chocolate fondue cans and almost always have them stocked in our own home.

They also offer packages of their crepe mix! Sending this with a jar of chocolate is undoubtedly sure to win you title of “BFF”!


We hope you get to go enjoy all that Creme & Chocolats has to offer, whether it’s for date night, girl’s night out, family outing or for no reason at all. We want to hear how you like it so make sure to tag @cremechocolats and @azmomsquad in your social media!

Now excuse me while I run to grab another swig of my Butter Pecan Milk Shake! 🤤

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Pogo Pass Review

Your All Access Pass to Arizona FUN!

If you’re like me, you love a good deal when you can get your hands on one. But I can honestly say that the Pogo Pass has saved our family more money than ANY other coupon or discount I’ve come across the last several years!

I was introduced to the Pogo Pass several years ago by my friend, back when it was just starting to become more popular. I will admit, I was a little confused, maybe even skeptical, at first. She told me that I could purchase a Pogo Pass for $39 a YEAR, and that it would give me access to all these amazing events and venues around Arizona. I originally thought the pass would give me great deals to these places if I paid the $39 fee. But I was dead wrong. And ever since purchasing the pass that first year, I have renewed every year since.

The $39 annual membership fee gives you the all access pass to get into the associated events and venues (listed later in this post) for FREE. 

That’s right, FREE.

Here’s just ONE example of how good of a deal the Pogo Pass is:

Admission to the Phoenix Zoo for 1 adult costs $25.

With the Pogo Pass, you get 2 visits a year.

So, you can pay $25 for 1 visit to the zoo, or you can pay $35 for 2 visits AND get access to a long list of other venues you can visit for free!

The deal speaks for itself.

I know it sounds “too good to be true”, but trust me, I’ve been using the Pogo Pass for years now and will forever be renewing it.

Date Nights AND Family Fun, all in one pass!

I purchased my first Pogo Pass prior to having my daughter, back when my husband and I just got married. After looking over the venues, I thought it would provide a lot of fun date night opportunities, especially for newlyweds who were on a tight budget. I was absolutely right!

We are big sports fans, so the first year of our marriage was spent going to countless sporting events including the Diamondbacks, Rattlers, and Arizona State teams. We went to all these events for FREE after paying the annual membership fee of $39 each (which is great for a newlywed couple on a newlywed budget!).

The Pogo Pass provided us with a year’s worth of entertainment for an incredibly low price, and it has done so ever since. 

Now that we have our toddler, she too, has her own Pogo Pass. The membership has provided us with hours and hours of family fun at some of the most exciting places in town. 

Now, before diving into the many events, attractions, and venues you have free access to with the Pogo Pass, let’s go over a few frequently asked questions that you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pogo Pass?

A Pogo Pass is a membership that gives an individual 12 months of FREE access to a variety of events, attractions, and venues throughout Arizona.

How do I use the Pogo Pass?

Simply present your Pogo Pass barcode at any of the current participating venues. Please make sure to check availability at each venue by clicking the venue logo on the website. Sporting events require you to reserve your tickets under “events” on that teams individual page.

Is there a mobile app available?

Yes! It’s super convenient to have our Pogo Passes right on our phones so we can easily access them when we arrive at each venue.

How long is my pass valid for?

Pogo Passes are valid 1 year from the date of purchase, not for a calendar year. If you purchase your pass in the middle of the year and events are past or out of season, they will be available to you the following season until your pass expires. 

At what age do I need Pogo Pass?

I just started getting my daughter (2) her own Pogo Pass this year, because most of the venues on the pass allow free admission for children under the age of 2. Before she had her own, I only had a pass for my husband and I, and Scotti would generally get into places for free. But you can always check the current list of venues to see at what age they start charging admission.

Will any new Venues or Events be added?

Yes! I’ve had a Pogo Pass membership for several years, and our family has been able to visit a variety of venues that have been added over the years. Whenever they add a new venue, you’re able to start visiting IMMEDIATELY with an active pass, at no additional charge. So I always like to keep an eye on the venues to see if anything new has popped up!

Is the Pogo Pass only available in Arizona?

No, there are a few states that offer the Pogo Pass membership! Click the location below to see what venues are offered at each of them.

Pogo Pass Events & Attractions

Now, let’s dive into the events and attractions so you can see what the Pogo Pass gives you FREE access to! Click the venue name to be taken to the Pogo Pass venue page.

NOTE: This list is up to date as of this blog post being published. Please make sure to check the website for the most up to date venue information as these are subject to change.

Golfland Sunsplash

Members receive one (1) general admission ticket to Golfland Sunsplash while the full waterpark is in operation.

i.d.e.a. Museum

Members receive two (2) general admission visits to the Idea Museum.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Members receive general admission tickets to two (2) Arizona Diamondbacks games during the regular season. Each Pogo Pass member receives one (1) ticket per game.

Arizona Rattlers

Members receive general admission tickets to three (3) Arizona Rattlers games during the regular season. Each Pogo Pass member receives one (1) ticket per game.

Phoenix Zoo

Members receive two (2) general admission tickets to visit the Phoenix Zoo. 

Phoenix Rock Gym

Members receive two (2) visits to the Phoenix Rock Gym.

VIP Airsoft Arena

Members receive one (1) free entry to VIP Airsoft each quarter during Public Play hours.

Stratum Laser Tag

Members receive two (2) visits to Stratum Laser Tag. Each Pogo Pass is good for one (1) complimentary game of laser tag.

Fat Cats Gilbert

Members receive admission for one (1) game of Glow Golf per week AND one (1) game of Bowling per week

Golf N’ Stuff

Members receive three (3) visits to Golf N’ Stuff Family Fun Center:

  • One (1) visit for Bumper Boats
  • One (1) visit for Laser Tag
  • One (1) visit for Miniature Golf

K.T.R. Family Action Sports Playground

Members receive two (2) visits to KTR Center in Mesa for two (2) hours each visit during open gym hours.

Sun Devil Athletics

Members receive one (1) general admission ticket to ALL of the following ASU home games:

  • Women’s Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Track and Field
  • Baseball
  • Softball

Uptown Jungle Fun Park

Members receive one (1) visit to Uptown Jungle Fun Park for a 60 minute session.

Fat Cats Mesa

Members receive admission for one (1) game of Glow Golf per week AND one (1) game of Bowling per week

Enchanted Island

Members receive two (2) visits to Enchanted Island Amusement Park for an “All-Day Ride Pass”.

Phoenix Mercury 

Members receive four (4) general admission tickets to Phoenix Mercury games during the regular season. Each Pogo Pass member receives one (1) ticket per game.

University of Arizona Athletics

Members receive one (1) general admission ticket to ALL of the following University of Arizona home games:

  • Women’s Soccer
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Track and Field

Pangea Land of the Dinosaurs

Members receive one (1) general admission visit to Pangea Land of the Dinosaurs.

USA Skateland

Members receive two (2) visits EACH month to USA Skateland Chandler or Mesa during Public Skating hours.

Arizona Zipline Adventures

Members receive one (1) visit to Arizona Zipline Adventures to include a ride on the Copper Zipline Tour (two ziplines).

International Wildlife Museum

Members receive one (1) general admission ticket to the International Wildlife Museum.

Tucson Roadrunners

Members receive two (2) general admission tickets to Tucson Roadrunners games during the regular season. Each Pogo Pass member receives one (1) ticket per game.

Ice Den Skating Rink

Members receive one (1) public skate admission ticket EACH month.

Use code AZMOMSQUAD for 20% off your membership!

That giant list of events and attractions should have your running to purchase your Pogo Pass membership now!

Whether you have 5 children living at home, or you and your spouse want a year of affordable date nights, I cannot recommend the Pogo Pass highly enough. 

Use code AZMOMSQUAD to get 20% off your membership purchase! That makes it only $39.95 a year! Click here to purchase your passes today, and start exploring all the family fun that Arizona has to offer!

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Recommendations Recreation Things To Do

Schnepf Farms

One of our favorite things about Fall is the festivals! We love picking out pumpkins, getting spooked by a haunted train ride or corn maze, and riding all the rides! 

Schnepf Farms has everything you need for the perfect Fall festival. We have been going since we were kids and it gets better and better every year.

It’s located in the heart of Queen Creek and run by the Schnepf Family. It’s been operating for over 75 years and every year they add something new and more exciting.

One of the things we love is the u-pick garden. You can pick your own fresh veggies and fruits and especially pick out the perfect pumpkin, just in time to carve it for Halloween.

Spooky Train Ride

The spooky train ride is always a family favorite. During the day it gives you the opportunity to see most of the farm and all the festivities. At night time, the ghosts and goblins come out. It takes you through a dark, thick forest complete with a graveyard and several live, spooky characters. It also travels through a tunnel with a strobe light and some scary décor. Our 2, 4 and 6 year olds did just fine with all the ghosts and goblins, so we would definitely say it’s kid-friendly.

The treats are a major seller for us. We love the candy coated pecans, the cotton candy, and our personal favorite, funnel cake. They have so many yummy festival treats available so make sure to come hungry!

Photo opportunities

There are lots of photo opportunities. Instead of paying money for a Fall photo shoot to get that perfect family photo, bring your nice iPhone and snap a bunch of portraits at one of the many photo op locations including hay bails, pumpkin patches, old trucks, tractors, sunflower garden, corn maze and more!

Free rides

Once you get in, all the rides (not including the train) are free! There are all kinds of kid-friendly rides including a roller coaster, swings, flying airplanes, and my kids’ personal favorite, the giant slide! They also have an adult fair ride that my stomach couldn’t handle, but if you’re a thrill seeker, my husband definitely enjoyed it!

Plenty of entertainment

They also offer all kinds of entertainment, tons of food options and private s’mores bonfires. There is something for everyone. Bring the family, kids, make it a date night, a girl’s night out, or bring your professional photographer if you are an influencer or blogger.

Perfect family day out

Schnepf Farms is a family-friendly, family-owned farm and you will not be disappointed with your visit. There is way too much to do on this giant property. We were there for about five hours and still only did half of the activities offered at the farm.

Visitor Information

Ticket Price
$23/person* (2 years and under FREE)
*Military/Veteran, Police/Dispatcher and Firefighters pay $10/person

Season Pass $61/person

Opening Dates & Times
October 1st to November 1st

Thursdays: 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Fridays: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Mask Required from 10am-2pm)
Saturdays: 10:00am -10:00pm
Sundays: 10:00am – 9:00pm

More information can be found here.

We hope you enjoy the Fall festivities at Schnepf Farms! We posted about other Fall events happening in Arizona in our previous post HERE!