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Girl and Boy with Bentgo Box

Now that school is back in session, let’s talk school lunches!

As busy moms, we are always searching for products that make our lives easier and more convenient, and Bentgo does just that. 

Before I got my Bentgo boxes I was going through boxes upon boxes of Ziploc bags for lunch prep. It was time consuming, it didn’t keep the food very fresh, it took up a lot of space in the lunch bags and most of all, it created a TON of waste. I felt so guilty every time I packed snacks or a lunch.

A recommendation from a friend

One day, one of my girlfriends came over for a playdate with her three boys during lunchtime. She brought a small cooler full of what I thought was just a bunch of random pre-packaged snacks. When lunchtime came, she opened it up and I saw a neat stack of three small, brightly colored boxes for her boys with an ice pack separating each one.

Not only did it look perfectly organized, but there was not one ounce of waste in her bag. I was instantly intrigued but my next thought was, those have been moved around a ton. They’re probably a mess inside (thinking it was just a container of food.) She placed the boxes on the table for the boys and all three of them opened them in anticipation to reveal the most organized snack trays I had ever seen.

Bentgo Box with Food

These specific boxes come with five compartments, each one specifically sized according to the ratios of nutrients the children should be eating. There is a bigger compartment for grains, medium compartments for fruits and veggies and a protein, and a tiny compartment in the middle for sauces or sweets.

As the boys ate I noticed the lunch boxes didn’t slip or slide. There is a rubber coated edge around the entire base that keeps it from sliding. Plus the plastic was so sturdy, even if they dropped them from table height, I don’t think anything would happen to them.

Bentgo Boxes

An easy decision

The next couple of weeks went by and school was about to go back in person and I needed to make a decision on backpacks and lunch boxes. It was a no-brainer which lunch boxes I was going to purchase. 

I checked out and sure enough, I found the cutest colored lunch boxes for kids priced at only $24.99. I ordered two and have never been happier with a back-to-school purchase.

Reasons I love Bentgo Kid Boxes

The Bentgo Kid Boxes have given me peace of mind in so many ways:

  • I know exactly how much I need of each food group
  • I know that if my kids’ backpacks get shaken up, nothing is going to spill
  • I know my kids will not need any help opening bags or packages at snack time
  • I know my kids are going to eat a healthy, well-balanced lunch
  • I know that my kids won’t waste half of their lunchtime preparing their lunch (think lunchables)
  • I know that when they’re finished, all they have to do is close it up – no throwing away anything, no clean up, no mess.

They are kid friendly

This is my daughter’s third year in school and I’m almost embarrassed that I didn’t purchase these lunch boxes until now. My kids are now in Pre-K and 1st grade. 

I was nervous they would have a hard time opening their lunchboxes. We did a couple of practices at home, opening and closing them so they would feel confident and comfortable with them at school. They have had no trouble whatsoever. 

The boxes are also extremely durable about very lightweight. They add hardly any weight and my kids don’t even notice them when they’re in their backpacks, making it super easy for my Pre-K boy to walk super confidently to class with no issues. When my daughter was in Pre-K, I had to hold her backpack because it was so heavy for her!

Easy to clean

Finally, when they get home from school, they know that the lunch trays go into the sink to be washed for the next day and the boxes get a good rinse in warm water. Nothing sticks, so no scrubbing. Just a super simple, quick wipe down, and they’re ready for the next day!

We now purchase all of our snacks according to the Bentgo set up. We know what will fit and what our children enjoy, so it saves a lot of money and time instead of trying to guess what they’re going to have for lunch. We pack them the evening before, so all we have to do is throw them in their backpack in the morning. 

Girl and Boy with Bentgo Box

Our life is a lot easier!

Bentgo has made our life easier without breaking the bank. They’ve also made things easier when going to the park, the pool, hiking, road trips and I can assume they’ll be our favorite thing to have when we go to theme parks when they open back up.

For all you mom’s with school-aged children, If you haven’t tried a Bentgo box, they’re worth every penny. They’ll definitely make your life easier. We absolutely recommend them!

Purple Bentgo Box

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